Are You Ready To Quit Tobacco For Good?

Quit Tobacco

How many times have you told yourself I can quit my tobacco habit at any time? Now here is the real question. Have you TRIED???

How many times do you hear your friends or yourself that use tobacco complain about how smoking or dipping sucks and talk about quitting. I used to be one of those people. However, many people won’t quit simply because they don’t know how to quit their tobacco habit. Putting a cigarette or snuff down isn’t nearly as easy as picking it up, but for every heart wrenching story of the effects of long term tobacco use. There is a story of hope that you or your loved one can quit. You can begin the journey of your own story today with these great tips for quitting your tobacco habit – once and for all!!!

Destroy the Pack or Dump The Can

Upon making your decision to quit, most tobacco users want to finish that last cigarette or last dip of snuff and then vow not to purchase another pack or can. Myself, I did that multiple times before I finally gave it up. Yet, there is an overwhelming feeling in wanting to smoke or take another dip the moment you decide to make that decision. Destroy the pack and every cigarette left within it and/or dump out the remaining contents of your dip can. Throw all of your tobacco, spit cans, and ashtrays in the trash. Then, enjoy the feeling of being free from you tobacco chains. Even though that feeling will only last for a few minutes until that urge kicks back up and slaps you in the face. That is why I never said this was going to be easy.

Seek Support

If you keep your decision to quit your tobacco habit all to yourself odds are you will probably fail. So, don’t be greedy and keep your decision to quit all to yourself. There are likely many people in your life who want that for you and would be willing to encourage you in stopping for good. There might be some people you may not know that could play an important role in your quitting process and show you how to quit and keep it that way. Seek out support groups, immerse yourself in things you enjoy and talk to your doctor about maintaining a healthy lifestyle you need to succeed. Please don’t forget to see your doctor for a healthy lifestyle because odds are you will gain weight if you don’t.

Stay Open Minded

An extremely small number of people can quit tobacco use cold turkey, but many people require the help of support groups whether they be online or local and medications in the form of patches, pills, chewing gums, sprays, and herbal snuff. Some individuals even seek alternative methods, like hypnosis. DON’T LET YOUR PRIDE get in the way of you quitting. Be open to trying different methods to see which work best for you. Personally, I used nicotine gum and mixed it with regular gum to give it a more full feeling. Then I weaned myself off of the nicotine gum and just chew regular gum now.

Stick To Your Decision

If you are serious about quitting your tobacco habit, you’ll need to constantly remind yourself that you are. Stick to the reality of your decision daily by using simple sayings when the urge to smoke or dip occurs. Write them down on a sheet paper or text them to yourself on your cell phone. Memorize them or keep them in a wallet so you can repeat them to yourself when you are not at home. “I have to quit for just one more day”, or a similar phrase will do as long as you remember it.

Don’t Set Yourself Up To Fail

Most tobacco users quit numerous times before quitting for good. Why you ask? Because they get overwhelmed by the urges and often haven’t set themselves up for success. Don’t try to convince yourself that you can be around smokers and not smoke or that smoking low-nicotine versions of cigarettes or a lesser number of cigarettes than normal will help you to quit completely. Don’t hang out in areas where people are smoking or dipping. Wait inside for friends who are taking a smoke break and never allow people to smoke in your house.  Make sure you avoid puffing any number or kind of cigarettes or getting just a small pinch of snuff. Make sure you embrace a healthier lifestyle where you nourish your body with nutritious foods and exercise regularly.

Remind Yourself

Don’t just remind yourself that you are quitting tobacco. Remember why you want to quit. Do you want to be a better role model for your wife and kids? To better your health and stop wasting money you could put in the bank and use for other things? Write down your reasons on a post-it note and stick it on the bathroom mirror for a constant reminder of why you are stopping your tobacco habit.

Saves You Money In The Long Run

When you look at the money side of quitting your tobacco habit you won’t see much of a difference at first. The reason why I say that is because of the money you will fork out on Nicotine Replacements to help with the urges that you will have. So your money savings will be minimal at first as in like a dollar or two per day. That is why i say it will save you in the long run because once you get off of the Nicotine Replacements then that is when you will see HUGE money savings.

Reward Yourself

Whenever it comes to staying tobacco free you need to make sure you can see your money savings. So with some of your money savings take the family on a vacation to a theme park. Another great thing to do would be go on a cruise(BTW those are freaking awesome). If you have been eyeballing that BRAND NEW TRUCK you just might be able to afford it now. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with the money you will be saving. Just make sure you reward yourself for your hard work. Because I know first hand quitting tobacco products is an extremely difficult thing to do.

List of Products to Help with Quitting Tobacco and the Nicotine Withdrawal

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